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I'm a sixteen year old person with a penchant for science fiction and a knack for finding the most emotional, heart-wrenching television shows. My blog is mostly Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Firefly, with some other stuff thrown in. (Sometimes I turn into a 5sos or Pacific Rim blog sorry)
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Fact: Many panromantic asexuals and aromantic pansexuals go by the nickname ‘pancakes’.

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Tumblr Teaches History

I reblog this for the anon who once sent me an ask telling me there was no such thing as a history fandom on tumblr.

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The Legend of Footloose

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A grape, wearing a raspberry.

I am froot.

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that’s almost too cruel

I had to do this once with Privateer II: The Darkening. It gained a bit when he said “I bet you didn’t play it through, I bet somebody just told you how…” and I was able to smile gently and say “God, possibly, since I wrote the game.” And plainly the Deity was with me that day, as I happened to be carrying docs from my UK agent (who’d done the deal) that showed not only that I was the writer, but the five-figure sum I had been paid. …It was a happy day for me. Not so much for him. I’d never had a referent for the word “slink” for a full grown male before. As in “slink away in utter dejection.” I smiled for at least three days without stopping. And am smiling now… I had completely forgotten about this.

Reblogging because “I beat the game” is fantastic, but “I wrote the damn thing” is even better.

I’m not a gamer but I’ll always reblog these.

Vicious. I love it.

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